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my girlfriend dumped me in may and it was a little tough to talk to her for a while but then we could talk about stuff. When we were dating it felt like she was the one! because we have so much in common, but then we broke up. I still have lots of feelings for her and i kinda feel like she is the only girlfriend ill ever have because ill shy and stuff. so help me and tell me what u think. (girls espically!)

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Well do to such lack of detail i really can't say if "she is the one" i mean you 2 dated and she dumped you for whatever reasons, Now if your thinking about making another shot at trying to get back together, i would advice you be pre-pared for the worst, and the best. it's a coin toss, a 50/50 chance, at least if you do decide to ask her out again, Because of commencing past feelings, than it would be wise to FIRST think if she wants YOU back, has she been talking to you, anything that would stick out that she Might be *hinting* you to ask her out again, you know what i mean....


you have to think in depth about this, you can't just assume she wants you back, that would be stubborn on your part, and it might offend her, you can master the art of compromise, and communication with her. that i think would be a good place to start. and than after that watch for signs from her, that she would want to date you again.




Really thow more information would be helpful, i can further assist you more ounce i have more details about your situation with her, and what the standpoint of you 2 are now at?

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okay heres some more details. me and my ex are friends so far and thats all we are. She has been talking to me but no more then usual. I still have alot of feelings for her but im not quite sure she has some for me. We seem to have become distant because right after the relationship we talked alot but now she is like a totally different person. I used to feel shy around her and still do but to a lesser extent. is this enough detail or do u want more? cause ill type more if u so want

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