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Sexual Dysfunction


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That's horrible that they did that! Stupid girls x.x

I'm a girl, 23 yrs old, but this strikes a chord with me as my current bf seems to be in the same boat. He feels that he's small and despite us being together 2.5 years, I've never seen it.

I really wouldn't know what to tell you here. I think most girls are decent people, and wouldn't want to hurt someone they're with by doing something like this. Excuse me if this is too personal, but are you small or anything typically frowned upon or did you not have any issues at all before that happened?

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Sex happens in your brain, not in your parts as you might think. So its reasonable to assume that if you have some confidence issues or when your extremely worried the same thing is going to happen again, then guess what? The same thing will happen. Try not to make the fact that you will or will not get an erection an issue. Being with someone who will not make a big issue out of it would help to. Be honest with her beforehand, tell her this might happen. Do whatever you can to take the pressure off of you and chances are it will work for you. I don't know you but I don't think so much what happened in your past is so much the reason but I guess believing that that is the problem creates a problem.


Porn also can be a problem, it is a really bad teacher, it assumes that intercourse is the only sex act that is out there but sex can be any form of intimate contact. I don't know about you but I quite like my backrubs, and maybe the person you are with does too. You don't need an erection for that.

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dude , is your penis size same as it was when you were 12 ? you all were kids back then and they were being immature and they must have zero info about penis and sizes back then.

don't worry about the incident , and when you have a real sexual experience with a girl , it will be different in a good way from what happened .

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They were laughing at the fact they were able to convince you to pull down your pants. Whether you had a pencil * * * * or you were hung like a horse they still would have laughed. It was your predicament that was amusing to them, not your penis.


SO true! He knows what he's talking about!

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It is a very common predicament for a lot of guys. You're worried you're not going to have a erection, it intensifies when your worst fears come true and you actually don't get the erection so that carries it into the next encounter. It is like a vicious cycle. Maybe baby steps is the way to go. Have some naked fun with a girl massage etc. stuff you don't necessarily need an erection for, don't make the fact that you're not having an erection an issue. Tell her beforehand that you might get performance anxiety etc... Masterbate in front of her I don't know. Do whatever you can think of to take the pressure off.




soon you will get your erection, and that will alleviate your worries about your next encounter.


Good luck

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well they say that while for guys the only erogenous zone is the penis, while for women it's the whole body. That means, that if you are with a girl, you can have a lot of fun without it having to involve your penis. The saying may be wrong, and an insult to most men, but the bit about women is more true than not true. Boys so often put more importance on their penises than what girls do. Those girls were horrible. Not very nice. I was with a boy in a one night stand situation some years ago, and he lost his hard on almost as soon as we'd started. I didn't think there was anything wrong with him. I did wonder if he was unattracted to me. And I did take it a bit personally, but I also put it down to the fact that he might be uneasy about us not knowing each other very well. He had very strong and skillful hands and he gave me an incredibly ecstatic night of sex without the penis. I felt a bit selfish for the fact that I had more fun than him, but I was still very grateful for what he did for me.


hope this helps some...

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