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Living in 2 worlds.


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Has anyone experienced what I've been experiencing for a year? I'm at university and I'm finding it very difficult to meet female friends, I think I've got enough guy friends. It just feels weird to go through a day not even having a brief conversation with a girl. I'm not unpopular at university, kind of average.


On the other side, I go to a languages school once a week, and I think of myself as quite popular there, but people may disagree. I have an equal share of friends of both gender. Many of the girls there enjoy my company and 7 of them have actually asked me out in the past few months. Why is there such a drastic difference?


Back in school, I was kind of unpopular, didn't have many friends to be honest, though I did calculate that 17% of the girls in my year asked me out on one occasion or another. I know that it's not my appearance that is preventing girls from speaking to me but what else can it be? Is everyone like that at university, just ignoring everyone? I'm not good-looking but I'm not bad either but whenever I approach a girl (just wanting a conversation) at university, I don't seem to do so well.

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