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was she staring at me or just my imagination??

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there's this really hot girl in one of my classes (not the ones i've posted about b4. lol..). i mean like when she walks by, all the guys turn their heads. she dresses sexy, she looks good, u get the idea. she's probably got a boyfriend. she looks way too hot not to have one and her cell phone rings sometimes during class. anyway, she was sittin a couple seats to the right of me one class and in the corner of my eye, i saw her lookin in my direction. then, i turned to look at her, and right away, her eyes shifted and she turned back around. 2day, she sat a few seats to the left of me and one row up. again, the same exact thing happened. but then, b4 we had our 10 minute break, she turned and looked at me. we had eye contact only for like 2 seconds. i was like, no way, she can't be lookin at me, it must be somethin else. but there was nothin else for her to look at near me except the wall and two empty seats. the last time i thought a girl was lookin at somethin else, i found out she was actually checkin me out real hard.. when class ended tho, as she walked by, i looked at her, and her eyes kinda rolled and she didnt look at me. what do you guys think about this? especially the girls.. i'd love to hear another girl's take on this..

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ninja, trust me, all guys have gone through this. we think a girl is looking at us but can't be sure. tell u the truth, when i was in hs there was a girl who use 2 give me looks. i shrugged it off as in hs, i really wasn't in the "in" crowd like her and thought that i wasn't good enough. on the nite of my graduation, a good friend of mine told me that she actually liked me. by then, she had shipped off to the east coast and haven't seen her since. hey, sometimes, girls are actually eyeing u. don't live the rest of ur life wondering if she likes u or not, go up 2 her and strike up a conversation. but don't straight up ask her if she likes u. if she says no, that could be really bad. just strike up a conversation. afterwards, decide for yourself. if u think there's something there, go for it. cause trust me, rite now i'm thinking about this girl and i will still be thinking about it when i reach 70

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Hey there,

Well, I say go talk to her...but tread carefully, if she really did roll her eyes, she may act rude/ stand offish when you approach her the first time. Hopefully she won't. But if she does, just be really nice and show her what a fabulous guy you are, be different from the guys that are (possibly) all over her. Wish you the best! Oh and remember smile, it'll make her wonder what you're thinking

Have fun! \


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You don't even have to say much. When she is staring at you just turn around and smile and say "hello"


That will leave it up to her to act next. If she is interested a conversation would probably ensue or she will say hello back. If she ignores you it is bad indication, but by reacting this way you take all the power out of a negitive reaction.

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Sounds like you have something going here, if you know for a fact she was looking your way, or at you..you could have gotten her attention somehow, Getting to know her more would first come from you, you can't just sit and stare back she might think your physco. and you have a problem looking at people, i would (when she looks again) start barking like a Dog, it would get her attention fast, and than you would look like an idiot, but it would most likely make her laugh (at you), i know this because i tried it one time, and it worked...but after i introduced myself and made the girl laugh even more in turn *breaking the Ice* next thing i knew i had her out to a movie 1 week later, nothing ever happened, but we still talk, and see each other on occasion as friends, But I'm glad i did what i did, even thow i was laughed at. it opened up the door for me to approach her and say.


ME: "Hi, my name is ______


IS NOT A JOKE: it really works....I'm living proof, you just have to have a sense of humor when you make the dog noise, make some growl noises to, it always adds to the amount of people "TRYING" to figure out what is going on.

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ohh yeah... just say "what's up"... don't start by being to nice man... or she would run over your a**.... then maybe the 4th or 5th time you see her and said what's up... then introduce yourself... try to come out smooth...not nervous... or she would know you like her then... alll man... it's all over.... she'll run over your a**....*feel me*....

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u guys are right.. it can't hurt to go talk to her.. worst that can happen is that she says 'no' or 'she has a boyfriend'. another really cute girl was starin and smilin at me a few classes ago, but sometimes, i get shy approachin a girl in front of other people or when they're on their cell phones right after class, even when i know they were givin me signals earlier. 5 weeks went by (i see her once a week) and i didn't care anymore who saw, so b4 class, i finally asked her to hang out even tho we haven't had eye contact in 3 weeks. then she told me she has a boyfriend and they've been goin out a long time. i wondered if she was only sayin that cause i took so long to talk to her b/c why else would she be staring and smiling at me if she already had a man? she looks too hot not to have a boyfriend, so maybe she's tellin the truth. that's why i'm hesitating askin this new girl out in case it's deja vu all over again. only difference is instead of being 100% sure she was checkin me out as with the other girl, i'm only 50% sure this time. i guess that's better than 0%. lol.. even if i am right that she has a boyfriend too, i should at least ask her out just to see what she'll say and stop assuming things all the time. u never know what can happen. if anyone, especially girls, has anymore advice on this, i'd really appreciate it. thanks....

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