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This topic has a bit of history behind it, as such my older posts will give a bit of history should I of misplaced anything here.


My LDG of six months is litterily throwing me into a constant loop of confusion with a seemingly hot cold cycle in our relationship. Whereas when I first met her she flew 800 miles and stayed with me for two months, now I feel like she barely plays the relationship lip service.


She just seems to get into these cycles where somedays she will call and be very talkative with me and other days she will log on to play warcraft with me and its barely a word, somedays she will get on cam and talk with me till four am, other days I dont hear from her atall. We go through these hot and cold cycles. She doesn't have a problem filling out bulletins and sending them back however:


"I heart you.


You have a nice face.


You make me laugh.


You + me = gassy ass warcraft playing people.


If I saw you now I'd run.


I want to hug you.


I would build a shoebox house just for you.


If I could sing you any song it would be love hurts.


if i could take you anywhere in the world with me i would take you_everywhere in my pocket.


life without you would be like tramatic.


if you died tomorrow my reaction would be_O.o oh no! *tear*.


i filled this out most of all because_it was funny.






I havent heard he tell me she loves me out of the blue in probably about a month.


We had some long standing issues with her ex husband and her not telling him about me, or her best friend which is also her ex of two years, I stood my ground and managed to get her to tell the ex husband that she has a boyfriend, the best friend I cannot seem to get her to budge on. None of her longstanding friends know of me because "its none of their business and she dosent want to endure the drama." Which to me says I'm not worth it. Shes even gone as far as to remove me from any viewable pictures or links on her profiles so that people don't bring it up.


Shes very hesitant to visit, we have plans for her to come up in January seeing as her sister is home for the holidays but I will not be surprised when she decides to put it off yet again. Mind you she lives with her grandmother, has no job outside of being a nude model, and basically lounges around and plays warcraft with me after I get off work.


Recently her laptop has been crapping out and she asked for the assistance of purchasing her a new one in exchange for the old one which I can fix, normally I would chalk this up to me being used but the fair trade makes me wonder.


I guess I am kind of hanging on to the person I loved, the person she becomes every now and again but seemingly dips back into this depressed person who wants nothing to do with anyone. I have a pile of resentments coming up to my neck, a longing for a person I love, and I'm just looking for a bit of direction here.

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first of all...i think there's a problem in that she's a girl and plays warcraft...I mean come on. What kind of couple plays warcraft together? haha.

Ask her about it maybe...I think it's so hard when its long distance because you don't know what's going on in the other one's life so sometimes there's confusion. My LDR just kinda ended, after a few really weird weeks. When we talked it was kinda the same, I could just tell something was different. I ended up that she was crying herself to sleep everynight because it was just so hard being so far apart. sometimes you don't know exactly what's going on in the other persons life...so don't be too hard on her, but there's nothing wrong with asking.

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first of all...i think there's a problem in that she's a girl and plays warcraft...I mean come on. What kind of couple plays warcraft together? haha.


Uncalled for. And the answer is quite a lot of them.



Ole21, it sounds like she's not as interested in the relationship as she was. It happens in LDRs, the distance makes it hard to maintain the spark sometimes. From what I've seen, in ldr you need a plan, as soon as one visit is done plan the next one and buy the tickets. That way its not "i dont know when i'll see you next", its "i only have to wait two months to see you next".


Good luck.

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