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Such a fool!


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I feel like the worlds biggest fool!! I used to like this guy that went to my uni (for two years) but I didnt say anything, we became friends etc. Anyway, we now work together!!! These feelings are returning and its driving me insane! I get jealous (but dont show it) when he talks to al these other girls and has lunch with them. For example, today I got to the lunch room before him, I was half way through my break when he came on, he saw his friend (yes a girl), and said hi, then saw me and was like hi, he didnt know where to sit, he was standing between the two tables, so I just said sit there, Im nearly off.


... I see him everyday! I hate it, its starting to annoy me, It makes me feel like I cant get good decent guys (like him), and Im going to be lonely for the rest of my miserable life.


Ive been working everyday, I just brought a new car which Im slowly paying off and I thought when I reach the stage I am at the moment I would be happy... But Im not. Im just a sad miserable fool who brings good in peoples life except for my own.

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WOAAAAHHH!!!!!! Don't be so hard on yourself.


Have you made any sort of connecton attempt with this guy since you have been working together?


Maybe gone to lunch together, or casual chats about the weekend.


I am assuming here that you don't know if there is any possibility between you two. Not really sure of the history.

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well we always have coffee before we start work, we talk about everything. But I doubt he feels anything or sees anything special in me.


I casually asked him him if he wanted to go for and hang out and stuff yesterday (for today) but he said he had to help fix his cousins car, but today (we both got called to work) he said if he didnt come to work he would be chilling out :S

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ohhh, so you're thinking that he made some lamo excuse and then forgot that he made it.


Hrmmmm, you know what though, dating someone in a workplace can be fraught with danger though.


Do you get out much socially? Meet new people etc.


I'm still kinda stuck on the before work coffee.....he must like you as a person in the very least if you guys chat about lots of things in the mornings. Have you picked up on any special interests he has. Maybe you could us that as a leverage point to doing something with him outside office hours. Ooooooh, i just had a thought, do you guys have an office christmas party?

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i wouldn't try to get him personally, maybe just distance yourself. stop having chats with him so much (not to the point its obvious), make some excuse about not having coffee in the morning.



maybe if you distance yourself from him, you'll be able to stop feeling so strongly for him. perhaps then you'll be able to notice other decent males around.

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