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In April I fell ill from schizophrenia.I haven't told anyone about it cause I'm afraid how they'll react. Right now I have only two good friends and I don't know how to tell it, I'm embarrassed. Is anyone here with the same problem or similar and what should I do about it? I'm afraid to let people know what I have.My life seems to stop and now I think I will never get a girlfriend. I'm still at college but it's very difficult with this condition.I think my friends will leave me and I'll be alone for the rest of my life.Right now I'm on medication and I will be tacking pills for the rest of my life...:sad:


I didn't know where to put it so I posted it here...

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I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, TK.


Do you mind if I ask how old you are?


I know that this condition is a very difficult and sometimes frightening one to deal with, so you will need the support of your family and close friends. Really good friends would not judge you, but I suppose you are aware that there is a considerable stigma attached to mental illnesses and unfortunately people can be unpredictable in their reactions. My advice would be to keep this diagnosis among you and your family for now. Once you have got used to the idea of living with and managing your condition, you might be in a better place to judge who to tell outside the family. But it is your business and nobody else's.


Many people live with this condition and manage it successfully. I know that there are very widely varying degrees of severity with schizophrenia, I hope you are somewhere on the mild end of the spectrum. It is important to follow your doctor's advice and take your medication regularly, even though it is a pain and you may have to deal with side effects.


I would suggest to you that you contact a schizophrenia support group. I'm sure there are plenty of these - a mental health charity could put you in touch with one. You would have a chance to meet and chat with other people who have this condition and their families. You might get a sense of what is possible for you in your life - there are many many high achievers who have lived with schizophrenia, in some cases severe forms of it. Have you ever seen 'A Beautiful Mind' about the Nobel prizewinning mathematician John Nash? He has schizophrenia and the film is about his coming to terms with it.

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A very good friend of mine suffers from Schizophrenia. also my Dad has it too.

Its nothing to be embarrased about. its just another condition that needs to be treated with medication. Just because it affects the mind, people attach a stigma to it. Properly managed there is no reason why you cannot lead a normal life.


If your friends are true friends, they will understand. anyone who drops you because of a medical condition isn't really your friend.


Best of luck

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I know several people who have the same diagnosis. In the beginning you may need to try several different drugs to see what is best for you, but once you find one that works well for you, you can live a full and good life.


I'm sure your good friends would be honored that you shared with them and will support you any way they can. good friends will be concerned and helpful, not judgmental.


You do not need to tell everyone else you know you have it because it is none of their business, just like any other medical condition. Tell those you love and trust, and everyone else doesn't matter.


You can lead a normal life, recognizing that your brain chemistry is more delicate than some peoples, so you need to avoid any kind of recreational drugs or drinking that might upset the balance. i had a brother in law who was perfectly fine and lived normally on his prescribed medication, but would periodically smoke pot and drink, and the drug use would bring on episodes. so you need to recognize that mind/mood alterating drugs are dangerous for you, and never use them or any kind of psychoactive the doctor doesn't prescribe for you.


the other thing you need to do is take your medication as prescribed. some schizophrenics get in trouble when they start to feel fine and think they don't need or want the drugs. they then quit taking them and an episode is not far behind.


if you discover you aren't tolerating a drug well, go to your doctor to decide if there is something else you can take rather than going off the drug without doctor's advice. they are inventing new and better drugs all the time that can work very well without too many side effects.


i know this is a shock for you now, but something like 1 out of 100 people do have the same diagnosis, and there is help out there to let you lead a normal life, if you find the right medications for you and take them.


Best of luck... give yourself time to get adapted and find the right medications for you, and you can and will live a good life!

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First of all thank you all for your responses, that means a lot to me. I am 20 years old and my condition was severe but now I feel very good.I take my pills every day and for the rest of my life I will be taking them.The pills made me gain 9 kilos but that is a side effect I have to come to terms with, however, the pills helped me a lot. I think I'll keep it a secret for now,but I don't know how to tell it to others...

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I'd keep your diagnosis from all but friends and family.

I'd guess most people still don't really know much about your illness, confusing it with MPD or other conditions.


I've known a few schizophrenics who managed to do quite well on meds.

It's an illness, not a failing.

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