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Ok, why am i so unconfident when it comes to girls? I'm a real badass when im around my buddies or people i don't care much about what they think (i smoke weed and drink, i know that girls dont like that and im willing to sacrifice it if a girl wanted me to.) I think partialy its cuz i think im just an average looking guy, but my buddies say i got the looks. (im 17, about 5' 11", spiked blond hair, blue eyes, toned body and working on the 6-pack, hehe)


For example, when i talk to my buddies about a girl i really like and say that she is way outa my league, they're like "dude, you're outa her league, you could get most girls if you wanted" Why don't i agree with them? I mean there have been a few girls just come up to me telling me that im cute or wanting me to go out with them, i even get alot of stares from girls and stuff. Sometimes my friends tell me that some girl likes me or thinks im cute. But i never follow up, i dont fuken know why, i think its partialy that i've been in love with one girl for about 1 year and haven't really talked to her once. I think i lose intrest in girls once i won them or just aren't confident enough to follow up. But why am so unconfident whent it comes to girls? i dont understand. It has always been like this, its just frustrating. I think one of my problems is the language, i moved here from germany a few years ago, and i feel stupid when try to talk to girls im interested in. Even though my english is very good, and I hardly have any accent, just sometimes (do girls like that?)


Oh and that girl i mentioned, that i have had an crush on, i asked my buddies if she was outa my league, and they said she wasnt. BUT FKEN WHY CANT I JUST GO UP HER AND RUN MY GAME? its hella depressing, and i think alot about it. I have these scenarios in my head how i would ask this girl out and what would happen and dream on, but i never do anything. Right now im just hoping that i don't see her anymore and that i will eventually forget about her. My time is runing out if i wanted to ask her out or somehing.


holy crap, i woulda never thought i would write this much in a messageboard Thanks for reading this book, and i don't expect you to respond, i just felt like typing this up and i know its alot of random stuff, but i had to get it off my shoulders. Peace

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Hey man, When I was 17 I was pretty much the same, lame when it came to asking out girls. Now I'm 23 and have learned a lot in those six years. If only I could go back to that time now. I'll give you two bits of advice that will keep you running in the woman section.


1)Remember that the worst that could happen is that she might say no, but if you never try, you'll never get that date that you dreamed of. Just make yourself do it, make a friend owe you a beer or five bucks or something if you do it, just make yourself do it and you won't regret it. 9 out of 10 will say yes just because you had the balls to ask her. Once you get an in, the rest is cake.


2)CONFIDENCE - when you talk to her, look her in the eye and don't stop, it might even hurt to keep staring if you are really shy, but don't look away at all. You'll start to notice her look away like you used to, and then you got her, she'll start to feel how strong your presense is. She'll like the fact that some guy walked up to her and kept all his focus on her. Women love men that show they are unafraid, especially of her, so don't look away, and try to keep nervous hand movements and stuff down.


Good luck and I guarantee you'll be telling that girl Bis Bald! O and yea most chicks love accents!

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hey thanks for the reply bro


1) yah i always keep telling myself that, it sounds easy but once your about to do it, it seems like its almost impossible, it sucks.


2) i dont have problem looking girls in the eyes, i really like it when girls look me in the eyes.


thanks again man, its appreciated

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