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so um, this is probably me being paranoid, but I've had 3, what im guessing, are braxton hicks contractions in the past hour. they arent painful, and like I said, I am sure I'm being paranoid, but I'm only 1 week away from the week my mom had me at (32). They arent long, probably about 30 seconds, give or take...... I know they say if you have 4 in one hour to call the doctor but I dont know who to call. his office is closed. And I'm home alone.... the ex is out bar hoping

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Your doctor should have an after hours number, call it! Or call the hospital Labor & Delivery . They will be able to give you more information, more than likely what you're experiencing is normal but I understand your concern and it's always better to be safe rather than sorry. If you are unable to reach anyone on the phone or get information to calm your fears go into the L&D and they will monitor you.

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I know you're excited and ready for baby to come, but you need to relax. It sounds like the time might be coming soon so try to get rest, if you can. If you can't sleep, you can time the length of contractions and the time in between. When they start getting closer together in time and stronger, then it's time.

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That is what my doctor has told me yes =)

Make sure they are braxton-hicks contraction and not just the baby kicking... I know mine can go quite crazy if I drink coffee... (I know I shouldn't but

You should feel your abdomen tighten in the center or side and then loose again.


I just finished Part I of my prenatal classes and they say usually when you are ready to deliver, your contractions will be 3-5 minutes apart lasting 45-90 seconds each. I would recommend them to you if you tend to be very paranoid... though for me it made me more scared of the delivery than anything else!!!! I am still glad I took them as I now know what to expect, different methods to use to alleviate the pain, help to prepare my birthing plan etc...

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