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LD Relationships!Can you relate?What would you do?

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How long does one in love wait to be with there heart?


My Man = My Heart.


2 months, 6 months 3 years forever........


Everyday spent apart, feels like a sentence to life in prison.


The world around you seems to be moving, but your world its at a stand still waiting for that one word to make all things go in motion.


Loneliness.longing for that touch, for that kiss for that reassurance that what you have is real and your not living in a dream... that any moment you will awake at its all a nightmare.


Confusion on how you feel when you go out with your guy friends, knowing you miss the feeling of being held in strong arms....confusing how you feel about your LD Love.......


All brought on by lonliness.............. wondering how many out there are going through what you are, and how may are able to stay strong and focused on there heart.


Missing the intimacy of two people in love with each other...... wondering if its cheating thinking of being with another.....


Temptation growing stronger, but you don't give in..........


When it comes down to it your torn between two.


Your heart and Your Sanity

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Hey there,

If you feel its right, be strong and wait it out. You 2 will eventually be together in person and all the waiting will be worth it. If you feel you are meant to be with your long distance right now than stick with what you feel.

Temptation is only as strong as you let it be.

Thinking about being with another is not technically cheating, but its not a great thing to be thinking at all.

*But, if you feel you can't handle the distance and your feelings are stronger towards the one thats closer to you, do what you feel is right.

Who would you rather be with? Why?

Are you afraid of what you will do being so far away from your long distance?

If you and your long distance lived closer/ together, would you feel as strongly for him or do you think the temptation would still be there?


I hope this helps somewhat. I'm sorry you are dealing with this. Feel better


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