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Spotting question!


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So I guess I'm freaking out a little bit. I had a bit of light brownish spotting today even though I'm roughly a week away from my period. I've been on the pill for just shy of a year and I've never had spotting in between periods while on it. I'm very consistent with taking the pill to the hour and actually haven't even had much time for sex lately.


I figured this would be the best category for this thread as I often see many people asking similar questions on here. I plan on buying a test, but I'm not sure if it would be still too early to test. When would be the earliest I could test? Should I wait to see if I get my period? The past week I've been probably at one of my highest stress levels to date, so I'm also curious if the stress caused this. I'm just looking for input. I've been irritable this week, like I usually am like when I'm on my period, but I contributed that to all the stress. Oi...at least this scare is happening after my major finals (only three to go)! Thanks!

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Spotting while on the pill is pretty common, and although it is more common in the months when you first start taking the pill it is certainly not unheard of at other times while on the pill.


Stress could be a contributing factor too.


Have you had unprotected sex this month?

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I've had unprotected sex twice last month. The pill is usually my only method. I'm hoping it's stress, but I'm trying not to let it get to me too much because I know that will just make it worse.


Edit: I should mention I've been with the same guy for a year. I got my annual exam a month ago and he constantly is being checked out because it's what his Unit tends to be constant about (a branch of the Army.) So we're both STD free.

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If you are taking the pill with absolute consistency (which it sound like you are) there is a small chance you can still become pregnant so I would wait until you are due your period (I think you said less than a week, right?) and test then if it does not show up.

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