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No contact question


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There is nothing you can do dear.


Just have light hope he will contact you, don't put your heart into it, otherwise you will be living on flase hopes.


Or if you mean you don't want him to contact you, then when he contacts you make it clear that you don't want contact with him, serious tone would do the trick.

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Yea, the member on here Superdave71 has lots of good insightfull threads on this site which will help you understand the reasons behind NC and he also puts it in ways that make you understand it right away.


basically the point of NC is to get yourself and your life back on track without the ex in it.

If your ex ever does contact you, or wants to, he knows how to pick up the phone/email or where to find you I'm sure.

If you still feel a need to contact him, it's best to do so when you feel you would be ok with getting ignored or turned down by your ex. As long as your sure it won't leave you crushed or back at square one and heartbroken all over again, it's ok to contact.

But usually if they dumped you, move on. They tossed you out, why should you bother to contact them?


Good luck.

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