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His new gf...and a twist


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Ranting here. Last night he told me he's got a new girlfriend (only less than 2 weeks after breaking up) and that he's chosen to give her a chance instead of me.


So this morning I dropped him a bomb "I am happy for you. Do what you think is right. I'm always here for you" (this is after much discussion with my male friends) and I went out and do my stuff.


A couple hours later he replied, "I feel like wanting to die"


Few hours later I texted "Why die when things are going well"

He replied "Well, my foot. My FOOT"

And then another text, "My new girlfriend is lousy"

Followed by another text, "I dunno why I even agreed to be her boyfriend. I really dunno. So regretting it"

And another text, "Please reply if possible"


I simply said "Time is needed...for understanding..."


And he rambles off again, "Can you call me please?"

And I responded, "Can't, low on credit"

Then he said "SMS is ok?"

I said "No problem"


Then he started on how he was nearly involved in an accident.

And all I said was "Be careful the next time"


It is my birthday next week and so he sent this text

"I shall get you a prepaid reload for your cell. Do you prefer 50 or 100?"

And when I didn't reply he said "Sorry for making you listen to all this crap"

So I simply said "Hope you'll be ok"


And he started again "No, not ok. Not helping at all indeed. To be frank. I can be totally honest to you, I don't feel like I need to censor what I have to say, unlike to some people. It's so hard."


So I replied again, "Hope things go well with you. I'm getting sleepy"

And then he replied "Do you prefer 50 dollar or 100 dollar prepaid?"

I texted back "150 if you don't mind. I don't feel well, going to sleep"


Then I completely ignored him.

He texted "Goodnight. Lost any weight lately? Lose more weight and I'll introduce you to new guys"

And followed by a long reminiscence about our good times together.



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All sounds a little weird ... but most of all what is this:


"Goodnight. Lost any weight lately? Lose more weight and I'll introduce you to new guys"




I would just keep it cold and sweet like you are. If you really prefer not to have any contact with him then just ignore. I don't see the point to be honest, he sounds ODD..

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Yes funny in a negative way, I personally think it's not a good mentality to go off with someone just or shortly after a break-up.


I suggest you ignore him. This seems like this is the beginning of yet to come. If you don't do something now that yet to come will come, so prevent that to happen. One of 'em is to ignore him, you can't tolerate his silly attitude. What's between him and his gf is his business. I don't think it would be a good idea for you to get involved, otherwise a mess will crop up. Only ignore his silly attitude but you could ignore him fully if you want. It's up to you, just saying what I personally think of the situation.


Good luck and don't let your guard down!

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