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a very flirty boy - i'm interested, but unsure


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Two months ago was my end of school formal (what in US you call Prom). I didn't take a guy, but my friend had her long-time friend/neighbour Phil there with her... but she had a bf at the time, so he wasn't actually there as her "date" date, he was asked before she had a bf so was there for etiquette reasons.


Turned out Phil and i hit it off really well. He was flirting with me alot and i'm not used to guys doing that. We were mucking round the whole night, and then at the after party, we were just standing close, hugging, i was sitting on his lap and whatever... (at one point we fell off the chair that was hilarious...) anyway... my friend had told me he was interested in a girl at his uni and so he was probably just flirting with me for some entertainment. At the time, i was interested in another guy, so i wasn't concerned, i was just having fun too. We never kissed, but he was, as i said, being very flirty/suggestive. I just left it as a good night with him, and thought he could be a good friend later on.


A few days after the formal, i was talking to my other friend who had a boyfriend there that night. She had told me that night she really liked Phil - he's quite a looker (hence my surprise at his interest in me...) - and i could see her flirting excessively, even in front of her boyfriend that night. On the phone with her, she said that when they'd been alone in a room together (her and Phil) he'd made a slight move on her, begun to put his hand down her skirt. The thing is, this girl is such a flirt, a stunning girl, he was drunk and she has a tendency to need attention, so how much of the story or its detail is true, is another question. Apparently she said to him at the time "There's someone here who wouldn't like you doing that" (ie. her boyfriend) and he said.. supposedly "What they don't know can't hurt them". And that was all.. but later when saying goodbye to her, he apparently lingered a kiss on her cheek to tease her boyfriend. Once again, i wasn't there so can't verify it. This all made me think hrmm.. this phil boy's a bit of a flirt possibly not very loyal.


I spoke to phil again for the first time in two months last night online, and he was flirting ALOT. kept saying how he wanted to talk all night, kept saying like xxoxoxoxoxo to infinity and stuff. it was all just fun, but anyway.. my friend asked him if he liked me (Without asking me first!! ARGH) and he said he did, but wasn't sure how seriously yet.


He is a gorgeous guy- really nice, funny, smart, loveable, i am very attracted to him.. The friend who knows him well says with his last gf he was very loyal, and she was shocked when she heard what the other friend said about him being sleazy.


The question is- should i pursue this - give him a chance? or not...



i keep thinking he's teasing me by flirting, like it's a game for him, cos he makes it so overt it seems like a joke!... but he's older than me, and is that sort of larrakin character, so i don't really know, and i asked him if he was being sarcastic when he said he could stay talking for hours and he was like "no".

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I think you should talk to him. Talking goes a long way. The more you talk the more you learn. A relationship is mainly based on how good you can talk with one another. If after 2-4 weeks of yall talking, and him seeming to be somewhat loyal and enjoying the fact that yall are talking, and he seems to have calmed down a bit. Maybe you should consider. But if he seems to want nothing but to get down your pants and get a little something, then send him on his way. Its best to respect yourself, not let someone else take advantage of that respect. What im saying is to just speak with him. Learn everything you can about him, and most of all make sure he's not lieing. I hope this helped.

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