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Less than 2 weeks to go!


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Is this the first time youll be together since going LD?

Well.. with me it was so the most perfect moment. It was funny, we pulled onto the street at the same time, slammed on the brakes and jumped out of the car. He was smelly and sweaty from practice. But he just grabbed me and swung me around... So great

So I think you can expect something sweet too. But after that... he might look a little funny. Sometimes for me if weve been apart longer than usual he looks funny or sounds funny... But overall it should be awesome. So no worries

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Awww, after I saw my boy after 4 months, it was teh best feeling in the world! Just, getting off the plane and being hugged by him, neither of us could stop smiling. And then we tried to find his car, but we got lost, and kept stopping every few metres to kiss. It was so lovely. Just relax and enjoy it. I'm so jealous!!!!

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Sometimes for me if weve been apart longer than usual he looks funny or sounds funny.


So true! I thought I was the only one who thought this. My boyfriend's voice is deeper over the phone than in person so that was always a shock. And he looked a little different on webcam too. 3 or 4 months can mess with your memory a little bit. But it's just an amazing and overwhelming feeling when you see them and touch them again! Now that I live close to him, I sometime miss the butterflies I would get in my stomach when I would meet him at the airport. Have fun Kate!!!

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