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Unrequited love... or is it?


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I'm female, late 30s and in a fizzling marriage. About a year ago I met another married woman online that lives several hours away. After a while we became close friends and I began having intimate feelings for her, and told her so eventually. I think it freaked her out at first and she made it clear that she wasn't interested.


We have remained friends however and have even grown much closer since then. We flirt in our messages but if I get close to discussing my feelings, she ignores that every time. But I reluctantly sent her two poems I had written about my feelings for her and she was extremely flattered.


I sent her a few pictures of myself and she returned some of hers, one in a bikini. Now she wants me to send a bikini pic to her.


She really is the most kind, compassionate person I have ever met. But sometimes I feel like a yo-yo. I'm afraid to raise the issue again outright and scare her off. I sense she is coming around but is the type of person that doesn't like any presssure at all.


Or maybe I'm hoping there's more to this than there is. My libido is raging and I'm very emotional right now. I had told her that I can accept friendship only, but it's very very difficult for me. I'm unable to think straight, so can anyone help me make sense of this?



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well, I am unsure how you should deal with this senario given that you are married. That is a chioce/decision you will need to make, whether to stay or go. In regards to the other woman, she knows that you are interested in her, you have clearly stated this a few times. Having sent you a pic of her in a bikini and asking for the same in return gives me the impression that she is interested in you. I think she is confused with these feelings, though. I dont think knows how to react or how to accept them but at the same time, is curious. Being her close friend, she trusts you and would probably feel most comfortable having any sort of intimate experience with you than anyone else. I think you need to leave it up to her to make any sort of a move. You are married and the situation shouldnt be controlled by you. You should search for love any more than you have already. She knows you are interested, so when she feels comfortable enough to let you know, she will. If you continue to persuade her or remind her of your feelings, it could push her away. If anything is going to happen, you should leave it to her discretion.

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