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I am attracted, but how do I handle this, and myself?


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I posted this at another place to, I just want to get as many opinions as possible. I am desparate for advice. So here it goes.


Not long ago, I seen this girl, and I found her attractive. For the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to build my courage, to simply TALK to her. But I seem to get no where. I have only actually talked TO HER, one time. I have had many many chances to talk to her, but I cant do it. Then when I miss one of those chances, I just get way down on my self and I am in a bad mood for a long time. So we get the point that I cant talk to her.


Now it is becoming the time, when it is my last chance to talk to her, or I will never have the chance again. This last chance must now involve at least getting a number or even an email. You know what I mean.


Recently I have found that she drinks. and parties. I certainly do not. This is a problem. Now that I know she drinks, I feel that, even though I havent talked to her and cant for some reason, why should I try any longer. Personally I dont approve of people who drink and party, because I dont. I am not saying that "Because I dont, You shouldnt" Its just that I dont accept that.


Is there any reason for me to continue trying? If I were to somehow talk to her, and get a date, would she respect the fact that I dont drink or party. Ladies? What would you say? I mean, I would consider a date, something where Her and I would go out for dinner and a movie. And that would be cool. But what happens when she goes to a party, and I dont want to go. Or if I were to go, and didnt drink, would that be a problem.


I feel that I am in an akward position, because I am very shy, and cant talk to her.. But I want to, but then I find something else to look at and say, I cant handle one who parties... And thats honest.. I dont want to have to deal with someone who drinks.. but I really would like to go on a date with her (well, as soon as I can talk to her).


Which brings me to a separate point....

Should I try and talk to her some before I ask for a date, or just simply go up to her and ask her if she would like to go see a movie or something. And then at that time, how would I go about getting a number. The problem with this is, I think it would be a weird feeling for both of us if I were to ask... because of the numerous chances I have had to talk to her, and havent. Because those chances have came when I was standing almost next to her, TRYING to talk her her, but then I cant, so I talk to someone else -- even though i think she has a clue that I am standing there trying to talk to her...



What do you people think... Can you help me get to the bottom of this? Please

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WOW, ok that is quite a bit of information and i think what your lacking is confidence, and your scared your going to look like an idiot in front of her, by attempting to talk about something, I.e. "breaking the Ice"


God i get so many of these post, again and again i have to go into such great detail on HOW TO BREAK THE ICE or to start a conversation with a nice looking/attractive girl, well bottom line is "rejection is better than regret" and you have already felt that from your MIND, saying "you big dummy why didn't you talk to her" kind of feeling, well you miss your chances, and that i think is important, you have to prepare (not a lot) about what you want to say, Breaking the ice, first by introduction yourself, even if she knows your name..


You would start with something that would get her attention quickly, I could tell you the polar bear line, which may help, and it makes you come accross as having a sense of humor. and would probably make her laugh.



so lets start with you seeing her, you walk up behind her...you say "excuse me"


She looks back...(waiting for you to continue with why you have just said "excuse me")


NOW...freeze a minute and think what would be your next word out of your mouth...? I'm asking a Question so think about it for a second.


Well you would think of something stupid, and you would feel like an idiot saying it...right? well it happens to the best of us, (myself included)




Ok, so we un-pause that Freeze frame, now your mind is really thinking, what do i say, Well what she is waiting for i guess. that would start with you introducing yourself sort of like this.


if i typed all of this information, you would have a Novel in front of you, you HAVE to read this if you want to LEARN how to talk to women, especially in your situation, i can see your ready to give this a shot, you just need communication skills, which will give you the Upper hand. good LUCK..!!!

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