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Problems at Work


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So, I've been working at a non-profit clinic that is a very challenging place. A lot of people come and go because there is a lot of pressure. I've been here for 2.5 years.


I have a lot of supervisors, and one of them for one of my positions as medical assistant is incredibly annoying. A lot of people complain about her and how annoying she is. Whenever I'm on the phone or talking to someone else she has something to say about it. Generally, she can be very rude and sort of controlling.


She lowered my hours on the floor as a medical assistant a while ago and I was doing chart prep. It wasn't a big deal at the time because I had a lot of responsibilities taking up my time. But lately, the other part of my job has slowed down to the point at which I don't have anything to do most of the time.


I guess she has a problem with me and says I'm too critical. Granted, I do get frustrated because we put too many people on the schedule so that we have all these people cancelling or no one shows up to work, or people don't cover the speculums and they are sitting in the lab exposed to microbes. And she just simply doesn't like me complaining about it. I don't understand how I'm just supposed to not complain? I guess what they are looking for is someone that is really passive and doesn't have any viewpoints? I don't get it??


So she came in today to tell me that a long time ago she reduced my hours as an MA because she can see what I'm doing and all this stuff. Like I just feel that is not the right way to be as a boss. I should be written up if my behavior is wrong or something. But to just have my hours reduced without anyone talking to me about it? I don't get it. It just doesn't seem right. The primary care doctor I work with loves me, the midwives love working with me, my coworkers don't have any complaints about me but yet she says that I'm impossible to work with. A lot of people around here get in moods because our work is so challenging and has a lot of pressure.


I guess what it is, is that I'm just feeling bad about myself. I'm feeling horrible because part of me just wishing I could be a passive person that doesn't have any complaints, but I just can't change that about myself. I just think that our clinic could be run so much better and at times it is ridiculous how hard it is.

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