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Is it possible that he is faithful.


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My bestfriend is going though this crisis with her fiance.

She has that condition where she is experiencing some discomfort

in her life. She went to the doctor to get professional help with her



After being on mediation her condition stopped. Now after a three months it started back, knowing that the only way it would start back is if her fiance is sleeping with another female.


When she confronted him since the doctor told her it was the same thing over she was having. He said nothing to her but.


"When can we go to the doctor to prove that i'm not cheating or there's nothing wrong on my side and actually is too determining to see the doctor and for a fact he will go to the doctor.


What do you think.. i keep telling her that he might be faithful after being so up front to go to the doctor not just to determine wats the cause but so she can get well. He really makes alot of wrong discision but at the end of the day he never want to end their relationship.


As much as the girl freatens to live.

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I'm a little confused. Is this right? Your friend had an STD, got treated for it and then got it again. She thinks she got it from her cheating fiance who she has threatened to leave. You friend's fiance denies cheating and is willing to go to the doctor to prove it. If he is not infected, it will prove to her that he is not cheating. You think that because he is so willing to go the doctor that he may not have cheated on her. You also point to the fact that he cares about her getting better. You think he wouldn't care about her health is he was cheating. Your question is, do you think he is cheating?

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