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s*x after a break up!

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ok, so i'm starting to deal with the fact that my ex and i are over, we're on ok terms, whatever that means... but i'm beginning to find it hard to deal with no s*x. my ex and i were very sexually active, even after the break up, but last week was the last time. i asked him to not call me or contact me for a while, so that means no s*x, i saw him yesterday, (same group of friends) we actually had a great time. took me back 7 years, when we were just friends and had a great time.


anyway, so at the end of the night, since he gave me a ride, we sat in his truck for a while. i'm sure he was thinking the same thing i was. i don't wanna be a booty call, i'm worth so much more than that. i must admit though, it was hard for me to resist, but i did. so i went home, thinking when will i have s*x again. i'm an std freak, i'm so scared i take really good care of myself.


so my question is?have you guys gone through the same thing? me having such a high s*x drive, what do i do? what have you guys dealt with it?

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yep. I go through this whenever I'm single, like now. It sucks because hooking up with 'some chick' that I'm really not into emotionally is soooooo unsatisfying and my sex drive is very high. I just try to get off on my own thing and hope that I'll find some sparks once again.

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Yeah i am dealing with it right now.. its always good to aquire a f* buddy, for me it was my good male friend. Until he started seeing someone, we were just there to keep eachother sane during the dry spell, then a little while ago i had it with the ex.. can't say that i am proud but will say i enjoyed it

Always Always used protection though.

But if you dont want to be just a booty call you are going to have to break off this thing with your ex and stop putting yourself in tempting situations.

If you are going to wait until the next serious relationship then do so. Your hands are your only "action" now.. toys are always good too though.. just not as good as the real thing.

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i know fingers and toys are amazing, i'm all for pleasuring myself, but like you said there's nothing better than the real thing. ... it's gonna totally drive me insane...


The best thing for you is to keep away from the ex. If you have a high sex drive (like so many of us do), it could be an option to have a friend with benefits. It must be made clear to both parties that it's just a convenience relationship. As a woman, I don't think that you'd have a problem finding a guy to participate. As for STDs, there are plenty of men who have actually been tested and are clean -- just ask. No one is asking you to give up your sex drive. Just don't lead anyone on...

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