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i got back with my ex and find out he got married last weekend!

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omg, i have been trying to get back with a old boyfriend. who i have seen off and on for two years. i broke up with him to be with someone else and he told me i hurt him really bad. we started getting back together about two months ago. the first time we went out he told me how much i had hurt him in the past and that he knew i had it bad with past boyfriends and he would never treat me bad. we had a long distance relationship and thats the reason i had broke up with him it was to hard for me having him so far away. well after he tells me all this i start to fall in love with him again and feel that we have a good thing going. yesterday he calls me and tells me he got married last weekend.

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when he told me he got married . i was like why? you were just with me. he said he was in love and that they were in love. but how could he be? he has been with me for the past month.


You sure found out who the real him was didn't you!


Be glad you two are no longer together. I feel very sorry for his new wife. He had the ability to be messing with your head romantically while supposedly in love with a woman he was going to marry. I'd say he surely was not a keeper!

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