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My ex has a gf 2 weeks after break


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It sounds like to some extent he's trying to put a guilt trip on you. Maybe not maliciously but that's how I would take it. You obviously still care becasue you're asking for direction and you were in NC so you must have had a good reason. Let him be confused for now. It doesn't mean you have to hurt him or rub the NC in his face. If he is saying he's going with her then for you the best thing would be to back off and let him find his way back to you. Is she a rebound? If so, it may not last and he will need to see you are the strong and solid one. The one he will want to turn to.

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I say guilt trip. I would almost being willing to say game playing on his part. Until his responds as a mature person I wouldn't feel you have to go to him and try something else to get him back. If anything is going to help it's NC. For you. And if it helps the relationship, it will be becasue it will show him his game playing has back-fired on him.

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It wasn't a break

It was a break up.


He goes with her because she was there supporting him and all when he's having problems with me.


I asked for another chance, he said if only you'd ask sooner.


When there's a break up, you both are no longer tied together in the knot.

He probably meant it when he said about asking sooner. Nobody should be left dangling without any answer of some sort, so he probably did what he had to do is move on.


And that's what you should do to.

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Sorry to say that, but he is doing the mind * * * * . I would say he has no respect for u. If you want to be his door mat try to get him back. Else just move on.

You are his plan B. Keeping you on hold while trying this new girl.

My Ex wanted to do the same, I didn't give her the pleasure. Rebound or not is irrelevant. Its about you.

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