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Is It Weird Or Is It Just Me???


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OK! I've been seeing this guy for the past 2 months and he's just awesome. I'm not sure where our relationship is going. I say we're not boyfriend/girlfriend, but just friends with a lil bit more than benefits.


He's got a lot of "friends" that are girls. Its ok to have girlfriends. But I just found out that he is going to a wedding with one of his massage therapist friend. I was there when she called him last, and he asked her if she was ready for another massage?? and he can't wait to meet her family at the wedding??? should I be upset??


Am I being jelous or is there something to it??

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I think if he was really interested in you seriously maybe he wouldn't have taken the call infront of you. Is he dating her? I'm trying not to jump to conclusions but why else would he say "looking forward to the massage?" and "looking forward to meeting your parents." Of course, maybe they could be really good friends, if that's the case then I doubt you have anything to worry about.

Has he mentioned anything about dating/not dating others?

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You're jealous. Sort out where this is heading as soon as possible before you get anymore attached.


Understand what YOU are willing to accept as far as him socialising and having heaps of girl friends.


Do Not expect him to dump them all for you. If you do, then run away. he won't change and you be back here going out of your mind over these issues.

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