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ahh college


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Im in my first semester at school Im 19 anyways, we had to do a document analysis project and basically had to answer 9 questions it was worth 100 points. (By the way I take this course online) Ive missed 4 points all year and got a 53 out of 100 I was so upset on my way to school i passed the exit and was almost late i couldmt stop thinking about it now the only way to get an A is if i ace my final. I thought for sure i had an A now look what happens...


Basically I have to vent it was driving me crazy all day! Anyone else have this happen? I get an A in Bio but not history the madness


On a good note I got accepted into the Allied Health Rad program at college which only has 70 available seats so that makes me happy atleast. Anyone here in the health field and is in the radiology or magnetic resonance imaging fields?

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Thats what I dont understand, it's an online class so I emailed her asking if I didnt follow the guidelines or something. So far no reply, I wouldnt be so confused if it was a D or something i mean i answered the questions how could i not atleast get a D. Its embarrassing, really hurts when you had an A and lost it. Try harder next time I suppose.

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Often students will take online courses thinking it's an easy way to get credits. And it used to be. i remember when they first started offering online courses and the class average would be an A- or something. So they've started making them alot tougher. Since you don't have to attend classes, they normally make you do a whole bunch of extra work and make the content harder.

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