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This one girl i liked ive been talking to for one month now. Throughout that time i found out that she has a boyfriend and is the mean type of person. Everytime i see her i talk to her on a friendly level. Now she says im annoying and it hurt my feelings , she always talk to me in like a angry tone. I see her in one of my classes. Should i talk to her anymore or forget about her and NEVER talk to her again since she doesnt appreciate my friendship?? help pls so far im thinking never to talk to her again unless she talks to me which is not likely because she doesnt mess wit me like she does with her friends

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I would let her know that she's hurting your feelings and you don't appreciate being treated in such a manner. I wouldn't be happy with her either, but sometimes you need to turn the other cheek and be the bigger person. If she doesn't want to value a friendship, then she shouldn't be lucky enough to have a friend like you. There are more fish in the sea and in time she'll see that she lost a friend.

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I would continue to be polite, but distant. If you're "annoying" her, then she doesn't value the friendship and your company the way she should. I certainly wouldn't make any efforts at deep conversation with this girl! The last post was right.....there are so many nice people out there looking for a good conversation and a good guy to have them with, it's not worth your effort to waste your words on someone who can't appreciate them!



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I would stop talking to her immediately. I know this can be difficult if you have a crush on her, but its only going to make you feel worse. Try not to talk to her for a few days, and see if she approaches you. Respect yourself, you dont need friends, or even a girlfriend like that.

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Hey RuSH, ur situation is VERY similar to mine, so I think I can help you. Like you, I talk to you politely and she tells me I'm annoying. I tried to do what DoorMouse suggested u do and it still didn't work*. My advice for you would to be stronger (mentally) and make it seem that she can't shake you-you're too strong. Since you like her, I hate to tell u this, but she is bad news because she does not open up (her fault-nothing u can haev done) and it will only ruin you if this goes on much longer. She's not worth it if she hates you, and it wil show when she sees what a great person she missed.


*Rally your friends around you and maybe strike back against her socially if your status in school popularity is near hers if not better (meaning don't try it if she's ms. popular and you're not nearly as well-known). Otherwise, treat her the same way she's been treating you, if she talks to you to show her how much of a loser she can be (no offense if you have really really strong feelings for her) Look at my post "Battle of the Teen Titans". You gotta fight her back hard, show her that you're not a pushover and can't be controlled. I hope this helps.

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