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Girlfriend emailed me. She said "happy bday" should I respond?


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Well I'm the dumpee in the relationship after 2 and half years and I've made every mistake post relationship with my ex. And I really don't want to make anymore.


I tried contacting my ex with emails, but I realise she is just typically full of herself and it still bothers me that I don't get the responses I want. I'd love to do this right and stick with No contact but she emailed me today saying happy bday...should I bother responding?

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It makes no difference whether you respond or not. Your life, her life will be exactly the same regardless of what you do.


you're right....


I mean on end of september, she started msging me on msn and going on how she has been crying and being depress and how no one knows her like I do(keep in mind I haven't seen her in a while before all this).


so I ended up meeting up w/ her and giving her emotional support. In return she did not consider to workout things out and since then hasn't even tried contacting me. I was furious!

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I think its good to keep the lines open if deep down you want to restore the relationship. IF I were going to respond I might wait a few days or longer to respond and then keep it a simple thanks. I wouldn't elaborate on why it took a while to get back and I wouldn't ask about her. It might make her think you responded just to be nice which I don't think hurts at all. She may be expecting more of a needy response. Just don't give it to her.

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oh i dunno man. i ignored my ex when she wished me happy birthday and she still tried to talk to me subsequently. after eliciting your pity and then withdrawing once you've gone out with her, I'm not sure I'd be too eager to reassure her that you're always there for her

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