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Not sure if I should do "the right thing"

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Ok so this is my situachun (i meant to spell it like that)

This girl that's been a friend or mine for a while told me she likes me. We hung out a couple of times, made out and stuff and she ends up telling me she has feelings for me. I thought that was nice but I told her "I just don't feel the same." Her response was that it was alright, "I just wanna have fun." I thought, Cool!! Free Poon, but now I'm worried she may develop more deeper feelings for me. Lately we've been acting a lot like a couple, even though we both agree we're not one. I kinda want to end things but don't want to hurt her. I still don't connect with her the way I should and I'm liking her for the wrong reasons (free booty call) At one point she wrote me an email sayin that I'm the "perfect guy" through her eyes. I don't even know what to feel. Keep it going the way it is, or backout of it before it gets serisous?


Ok and I guess I should mention, she's my first.

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You need to be honest with yourself and her. Always be honest and you won't go wrong.....that's not to say you have to lay all your cards on the table in every situation, but don't deliberately use the girl. It sounds like what you are doing is only for your own interests, and that you don't genuinely care about how this girl has fallen for you, and the guilt is getting after you. You sound young.... here's some good advice... always remember this: What goes around comes around. And you'll never get away from it.

Do the right thing and tell her the truth, do what you need to do.

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O why won't us women ever understand! I have been in this girls shoes... break it off with her, b/c she is thinking you've changed your mind. Men tell women they don't want to be serious, and then she says Yes! thats what I want too! when what she really wants is to be in any type of relationship with you and then once you see how wonderful she is, and how nice yall's relationship is, that you'll realize that she is the one for you. I bet she is going NUTS wondering where your relationship stands, talking to all her girls about how much you seem to like her, yall act like a couple, and having all types of dreams of how it will be once you get over your commitment fears. Let the girl go, EASILY. goodluck.

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