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Help! I don´t really know what's wrong!


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My name is Miguel. I love my girl, Andrea.

We are going out since a year. Recently we are having a lot of problems. She doesn't talk to me even though I didn't make any harm. She is the kind of person that never shares their feelings. Whenever I try to find what made her mad at me, she only tells me to go away or just plain ignores me.


I don't really know what's the problem. After we fight I feel really depressed. I'm desperate. I love her. I don't want to leave her. Please give me advice.


P.S. Sorry if my english is not that good. I'm not american.

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I'm not American either, BTW. You probably won't want to hear my take on this but it is likely that she's falling out of love with you. It may well be something that she doesn't have control over but just doesn't feel the same. In the worst case, there may even be someone else involved.


I would ask her if she really wants to still be with you but be prepared for an answer you won't like.

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I've already asked her lots of times and she says that she loves me. That's is the weird part. Her actions don't say she loves me, but they don't say she's not in love. Just an hour or so we were kissing and reading together. We were laughing together. Everything was going well. But a few minutes ago she got moody again and left for her bedroom.


Something I forgot to tell: We live together. We study in the same city and her parents let her live with me and a friend.


I'm desperate

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