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Girl I am "talking" to I have some questions about...Calling her etc


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I was set up with a girl last week while I was vacationing at a friends house 240 miles away. Said girl and I hung out 2 nights in a row, the 2nd night being better than the first because I grabbed her and made the 1st kiss. At any rate, we have talked either over phone or IM every day since I have been gone. I have no idea where this relationship is going. She is in college and will be coming to her parents house for 2 weeks, which happens to be only 40 miles from me (instead of the 240 miles at her college).


She called me the other night and we talked for 20 minutes. She threw in conversation saying "you can call me whenever you want to" and even asked who my phone carrier was. Obviously she digs me. My only questions are: I do not want to call too much , given this freedom she gave me to call. I would rather not call enough at this point rather than too much. I have never been in a possible LTR before, and have no idea what I am getting myself into. I can forsee myself being with her long term very easily if we were in the general vicinity. Should we just alternate calls? Sorry if this is a bumb question

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Well looks like I already screwed up, by your guys' 2 standards. I have been in contact with her either through IM or phone almost every day since I have seen her (1 week ago). We have talked 2 times on the phone, 1 time was because I told her she could drunk dial me, which she did. We talked for an hour. The second time she called out of the blue to "update" me on a show we watched together on MTV, and talked for 20 mins. I texted her yesterday and also talked to her on IM for 30 minutes. I guess on paper it looks we are talking more that we should at this point, but I am also not feeling weird about it. With all of this, she still says I can call her whenever. Maybe she has a hungry appetite for me...

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No big deal, just slowly back it down a little. If you're that much into it already any sudden big change will raise alarms... unless you have an excuse which you could use. Such as, "Man I've got this huge test coming up that I need to study on. If you don't hear from me for a couple of days it's because I'm slammed!" and then now you have a legit reason for the sudden shift in backing it down a little.


Remember, with this distance between you, she's going to wonder what you are about and why you're interested in going out if you're so far away. So don't send off signals you want something serious just yet, because in her mind that probably isn't going to happen. So send her signals that you dig her, but that the time just isn't right for anything more at the moment than just two people who like each other and try to set up the occasional plans when it works out.

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