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Waiting until marriage?


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I'd do so the earliest possible- once intimacy in some form starts to happen (like intensely kissing or such). Also for you it would be nice to know if someone shares this principle with you- this may make things a lot easier.


Ahh...Yes Good point arwen. Yep early is best.

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I've always told people really early on, but that's never gone well for me as a lot of guys like a challange. This time around I'm waiting a little bit longer until I know that the guy has feelings for me. Obviously, I won't wait until I've involved in a serious relationship, but I also don't want to spit it out on one of the first few dates.

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I agree with others, I think you should let the person know ASAP.


That way, you aren't wasting his time, nor your own.


for many people, sexual intimacy is an integral part of the relationship, so they wont' wait around.


Also, you may find others just like you, who are willing to wait, rather than dating someone who grudgingly accepts it.

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When I was in that situation (lol) I told the guys pretty early on even if we weren't even near that point. One guy ran the other way, then a month later called me and said he was ok with it. But by then I had met someone else. One guy was ok with it for over a year but then he wasn't. One guy was ok with it the whole time and proposed (and was fine with waiting till marriage but we broke up before marrying).

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Just a few questions about waiting until marriage (if anyone has any experience on this subject):


Did you end up getting married to your chosen partner sooner than later so you could consumate the relationship?


If so, did you think you knew that person well enough to marry them?


Did you live together before you married?


If not, was it a shock when you moved in? did you find things that you didn't know (and maybe didn't like) about them?


Do you think waiting made your relationship stronger or weaker?


If you could do it again, would you have waited until marriage?

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Earlier the better - that is if you are in a relationship and are certain that sex will only happen after the marriage. A marriage and relationship are about setting the right expectations.. This naturally being one...


I personally feel assessing sexual compatibility is very important... Sex does play an important part of a marriage.. Naturally - I am a guy

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I've always wondered this myself about people who claim to be waiting for marriage but is engaging in other sexual activities except actual intercourse..


Yeah I'm not saying you shouldn't wait or whatever, but I think some other sexual activities (IMO oral) can be far more intimate than penetrative vaginal intercourse. So if you're gonna do that, then why wait for sex?


I'll be honest, I never had oral sex till years after I had penetrative sex.

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