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not sure what to think about this???

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Ok so about a month ago I joined a gym and as with many gym membership I was offered a consultation with a personal trainer... nice guy, very friendly, great trainer. After we go through the routine I am thinking how great it would be to have some guidance when I come to the gym and ask him for a quote... price outrageous so he suggested that I attend one of his group classes instead (included in membership) I say sounds great, he says its a new class and he is still working out schedule but he will call me in a few days with info. I say thanks, nice to meet you... he says I will see you around and feel free to call me (gives me his cell number)


Please note that during the session, conversation was relatively professional, some discussion of school; we are recent grads and both former track members, some discussion about my job but all in all professional. Also note that I DID work out and DID get very sweaty and was in no way at my best (old t-shirt, sweats, and dirty running shoes.)


Which is why I was very surprised when a few days later he texted me to asked when the next time I would be coming to the gym? I reply "Friday" he replies "what time?" me "around 10ish. He replies, "What days are u going to be working out?" I reply "Monday, wed, & Fri. why are u offering ur services at no cost" he replies "u can come to the group class on Mondays and I can work u out on wed & Fridays." I reply "oh no I was def just joking." He replies "for $25." I reply "still a no...but thanks he does not reply.


About three weeks passed and I have pretty much avoided working out at his location to avoid any awkwardness so I have not seen or heard from him until yesterday when he randomly texted "what’s up?" I reply "not much" he replies, "hows your workout coming along?" I say its going ok and that "I have been toying with the idea of running but can't seem to drag myself out of bed on time" his reply "you can go running with me."


WHAT IS HIS MOTIVE...as I stated he seemed like a nice guy but I find it very strange that someone would make such a random offer to someone that they only met once... I originally thought perhaps he was simply trying to gain me as a new client but now I am not sure. I am not dating right now and although he is attractive I am not really looking for anyone however I recently moved to the area and do not know many people so I think it would be great to have a running partner but I really don't want to give the wrong impression... any suggestions on how I should handle this in a way that would allow me to be comfortable attending my home gym???


*thanks for reading ik it's kinda long

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Take they guy up on his offer. At least in the gym, you'll be in a public place and can gage how you two are interacting and how he is. You've got nothing to lose. He sounds interested and you can know for sure by giving him a chance. If you find out that it's nothing more than him wanting extra $$ on the side, then you know to leave it alone, but like I said, give it a shot.

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