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Locking eyes


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....he wants to see where he's going.


Seriously tho, I guess he wants to see his ego rewarded by the look of utter shock and joy brought on by

1. he having the biggest thang in the world ever

2. this being the best use of said thang, and indeed anythang, in your life.

3. thereforeeee, he is great and you have a great relationship.


fair enough isn't it? everyone gets performance anxiety. You want to know you're doing a good job.

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If my partner does this, it feels exactly how Papillion describes it. Very very intense feeling. But not if it is done so continuously (never happens with my bf, but has in the past), that makes me feel very aware of myself and uncomfortable.


How does it feel to you, mwanake? Do you mean locking eyes for a moment, or the whole time?



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There are two things one good one bad




he wonts afamation from you thats hes doing things right not just body but mind, that you are contented with him and all that he dos




Power and control

He seeks to master you, dominate and control, he wont to feel you under his power becouse it makes him feel better

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My ex did this the WHOLE time, every time. Even sometimes when we'd be kissing during, I'd open my eyes and he'd be staring at me.


At the time I thought all this was romantic and thought it was intimacy, but in hindsight, when I recall those memories, the look in his eyes (as compared to a previous BF with whom I occasionally, briefly made eye contact with) was kind of empty and vacant. Like he was a robot or something and, actually, lacking in passion. Kind of creeps me out now.


But he's passionless about life and people, anyway - again, another post-break-up revelation.

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I love eye contact during intercourse. Not(as other posters said) because it gives me "power," but because I feel so much closer with her. Especially when we say our "I love yous" while staring at each other. I think it's so hot also to see her facial expressions whilst I please her.

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