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Can't stop thinking about her with a new guy..

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As far as I know my ex is not seeing anyone new.. yet. But the clock is ticking. It's going to happen eventually and it makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. I've been nc for almost 2 months and yet, I've nearly got tears in my eyes just thinking about it. It makes me feel so rejected and inadequate. I loved this girl so much. I just feel lost today.

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For me it sucked but was not as bad as I thought.


My ex was reluctant to tell me she had a bf. She said she did have one... yet her facebook is still single etc, not talking about it, so i'm not sure.


Right after she told me this i felt like dying, but about a day passed and i actually started to feel better than before for some reason.


Honestly.. ide rather think about her with some new * * * * * * * , than partying or something or doing bad things she used to do like drugs.


Sure it sucks like ass monkey * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ass * * * * .. but I really start to realize that I really really do love this girl and i wish her the best even if it is not with me. I hope it is though

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Yah man its bad enough to have them out of your life, but when they find someone else it really sucks.


You gotta just start moving on, start meeting women, start your search for the next, dont wait around cause i can almost garuntee she's not waiting around for you dude.


I know its hard to look for women, but trust man, it will make the transition smoother.

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Yeah, I agree with everyone else. Don't put your life on hold while your doing NC. Quite the opposite, NC is your time to revive old friendships, make new ones, and meet new people, even if its just to date for fun.


You won't ever get over you ex unless you start living your life again.

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i know it sucks to think about it, in my case i know he's dating someone. i'm trying to stay strong, it's hard to think about all the things they do. sometimes i think my mind thinks of some crazy things they might be doing, and they might not even be doing anything close to that. i realize that i only torture myself, and i'm starting to care about myself a little more, so i'd rather not hurt me. you'll deal with it when the time comes, for now just take care of you. don't torture yourself with the what ifs, not worth it. care about your sanity a little more.... i'm trying to work on that! wish you luck.

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