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Obbessive Personality


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Hi Everyone, I delt with a very strong tendency to obbess with things all my life. If it's not one thing, it's something else, and I've had many. It usually revolves around my interests or my current romantic feelings. As I have become older I have actually noticed it. When it's an interest, I find obbessiveness mixing in the pack-rat in my and find myself buying anything to do with that particular interest certainly not on a dangerous level, but one time I was so crazy about a movie I everything I could find. I eventually got over it after I had accumulated a large amount of stuff that I know I wasted my money on. (At the time, it was awesome!). That also happened with other interests as a child growing up.


Right now my biggest obbessive issue is my current 'crush'. Now, I'm not as bad as some people! But I am seeing myself obbess over him. This has happened before with a previous one, and I will admit that got REAL bad! I was almost stalkerish with it, and I'm too ashamed to admit some of the weird stuff I did. This time around I'm anything but a stalker, but I find myself endlessly thinking about him, I printed a picture of him from my comp...I write poetry from the feelings about it. Theres rarely a moment when he is not on my mind.


I know this is stemming from my obbessive personality. I am doing nothing wrong. No stalking, frequent constant calling. In fact, I have not had contact with the guy for nearly three weeks, but I am still crazy about him. I'm not OCD I am worried for myself.


One guy who had a crush on me called me endlessly, begged me to go places with me, memorized every detail I told him about myself, even got upset with me when I wanted a day to myself - I'm certainly no where near that!!!!!!! And I won't ever be. But still this tendency to over obbess is scaring me. I don't feel any real distress from it other than knowing what I'm doing. But it's not like I don't thrive well in life, and I tend to annoy others when I talk about whatever interest I have on me.


What should I do? I mean is just a odd idiosycracy/trait I have? Or is this something I need to be concerned over? The Guy who was crushing on me definetly ran into some issues because he wouldnt stop spending his money on me. Never been that bad.

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It is possible you have some difficult emotions, feelings and you're not dealing with them very well. Moving from one obsession to the next is a way of suppressing them. Atleast thats the case with me. The obsessions are your minds' way of controlling and releasing those difficult emotions. I guess another way of putting it is that you are not thinking about your feelings and emotions, you are obsessing over something else, and it is 'helping' you cope. But this is an unhealthy way of coping with your emotions. Hope this helps.

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