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easily annoyed


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like most people, i interact with various people throughout the day. however, unlike most people, i feel like every little thing bothers me. it feels like it's only a matter of time before i find something to be annoyed about. this even affects my work. i find it hard to concentrate on my job sometimes because i'm too focused on my surroundings and what/who is annoying. does anyone have any suggestions on how to tune people out?

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I don't think tuning people out is the answer. I don't have the answer either. But I think a good place to start would be asking yourself why you are annoyed so easily. Have you always felt this way? Is it worse at work? Mabey the people you are working with are very annoying.

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Yea that's a great suggestion. Get an Ipod.

I also get annoyed a bit easy.

Especially if I have a job to do and others are doing little things to distract me or goofing off. If you have your own office keep the doors shut so you don't have to hear them or see them.

After a while I think you will feel more open to interacting with others after having me-time to get stuff done without interruptions.

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well if i got annoyed only once a month then i'd blame it on pms...but it's more frequent than that. i've consulted coworkers that i'm friends with and usually either they aren't annoyed by the same things, or they are...just not as annoyed they seem to be able to focus, while i cannot. i do have an mp3 player, and sometimes this does help.

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