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What should i do about this girl I like????


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I have liked this girl for a while, ever since 9th grade. She always has these big smiles when ever she sees me. She was selling chocolates one day(for a fundraiser), I bought one off her, said "Oh I love you" in sort of a serious manner. She always smiles at me whenever I say Hi to her. A friend of mine got in a conversation w/her and one thing lead to another, and then she asked the girl that i like, what she thinks about me. She said "ew." When I heard of this I was sort of depressed. But what should I do? What does this mean? Should I ask her myself about what she thinks of me? Or am I just blind? Or is she just insecure about what she wants? Please Answer!

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It seems that she doesn't know what she wants. Try talking 2 her, see what she has to say if she rejects u then it's pretty obvious. At least u would of made an attempt, it's one of those things where u can either get what u want the 'right answer' or the 'wrong answer'.


Life's about taking chances, take it now rather the later because there could be no later.


Best of luck!


- whitefang

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