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I don't think today could have gotten any worse...


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I woke up this morning and saw that there was water all over my kitchen. Whenever it rains or snows, in two places in my apartment water leaks down the wall, behind the paint. I've let the landlord know about this three times. Today was the fourth. I was so frustrated.


Then I have to make a call for work (while I was still at home) about a visit and end up having to pick up the mom before getting the kids. I didn't really mind, except that my coworker then called about something and mentioned that we had court at 10. I thought it was at 2! Well my visit was going to overlap with court so I had to call my supervisor to cover my visit and I'd still bring them there.


I drop them off at the office, get back into my car to go to court, and then realize that I left my wallet at home in my gym bag. Now I had to stop at home before going to court and I was already running very late.


I'm almost home when I get a call from my mom. My cousin passed away last night. I've posted about her before. We knew she was dying but didn't know when it would happen.


I just wanted to go home and crawl under the covers so nothing else would happen. I spent my morning crying on and off. I'd burst into tears whenever I told a coworker about my cousin. And now I can't go to her memorial service because it's Thursday morning and it's accross the country. I'd have to leave Wednesday night. I have Friday off of work but not the rest and it'd be really tough to do that.


It was just a very sad day and I needed to vent.

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Thanks. Even though we knew she was terminally ill...it still has really upset me. I didn't know her that well because there is a large age difference and we never lived near each other. I feel really guilty for not putting more effort into knowing her though. I really need to work on being in touch more often with my family because really only my immediately family lives near me. And not even all of them. My brother and his family live very far away, but I'm not close to him at all for many reasons.

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I feel your pain completely. I lost my grandmother this morning. It was slightly unexpected - she was in the hospital for 1-2 weeks but was expected to recover...


I like you am struggling to get accross the country for her services. I'm breaking my neck to make it happen but with class/final exams coming up and outrageous plane tickets, I just don't know if I can make this happen.


My prayers are with you & heart goes out to you

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I'm so sorry..When it rains, it pours...

I went through the same thing with my cousin. She had ovarian melanoma (very rare). It's soo hard watching someone so close to you just waste away and leave this world too early. It's unfortunate and unfair.

Like the above poster said, tomorrow is a new day.

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havefaith, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Death is tough to handle whether it's expected or not. My thoughts are with you and your family and if you need to talk, feel free to PM me anytime.


Cairo, I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. My cousin had cancer, but I can't remember what kind she started out with. I just know that it had spread to her whole body and for the past few weeks she was working off of one lung and it was failing. She lives far away, so I didn't see her much while she was sick. I did see her a couple months ago at a family reunion and she was very skinny and weak. It was sad to see. And I talked to her on the phone almost 2 weeks ago and she was on so much medication that I could barely understand her. It's such a sad thing to see.


This is kind of a morbid thought, but every time we've had a family reunion, someone has passed. This time my cousin. Last time my dad's cousin became ill shortly after our reunion with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. We didn't have another reunion for awhile because it was too tough for some family members after her death.

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i'm sorry to hear about your cousin, my condolences.


and sorry you had such a rough day, that is awful.


(As for the leaks.... depending on where you live, some states have laws that if you have told the landlord, and they have done nothing about it for x days, you can call a plumber/whoever and have them fix it and send the bill to the landlord.)

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I called back at the end of the day and they said the guy is still working on fixing it and he's going to fix the damage to my walls when the leak is all taken care of. I asked them to keep me updated when he does things so I know if there is still a problem or not. I live on the top floor, so it's a leak from the roof I think. I don't know if that's even a plumbing issue. I wouldn't know who to call, haha. But my parents said that if they don't do anything about this still, I should withhold my rent. But it seems like they're finally doing something.

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That's exactly what I was watching! I've warned my boyfriend that when he moves in with me, he has to deal with me watching The Hills and Real World. But since next week is the season finale, I guess he won't have to deal with it for awhile. I'm so addicted to those shows. I have a tough career and I just need that mindless stuff at the end of the day. America's Next Top Model is another must for me, haha.


Honestly, it does help a lot. It's distracting, doesn't make you think, and actually (somehow) draws your attention.


princess, thanks so much I appreciate that.

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