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Possible genes from his mother


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Now that I'm 5 months pregnant and living with my boyfriend I was wondering if my kid will display conduct disorder traits. I was once cruel as a child and did once tie up (my now b/f) along with beating him well we were both 10 years old.

He doesn't seem to be much consider about whether our child will develop these genes while I do.

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I dont know but that is pretty scary stuff.


Have you ever seen a counselor? It is quite possible that these are not genetic traits that caused you to do this but something more.


Were you abused as a child?


Well I don't know if parental neglient/indifference counts as abuse but I was never hit by anyone.


It when I was in my late teens that I finally woke up and feelings came. Before that I can literally watched someone die or bleeding and in my view it was as if I was seeing a boring puppet show.

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