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What are the chances? I need to know soon


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I already posted about what I felt at the time was the worst night of my life... just as a quick recap, I pretty much got drunk, fooled around with a guy and am worried that I could be pregnant. Let me just say that we definitely did not have sex, but we did other things. For instance, he fingered me and I don't know if he touched his penis before that. I had also been sitting on his lap with my legs apart and I was wearing thin leggings, and I don't remember if his penis was out of his pants at this time. He didn't cum until after I got on his lap, I'm pretty sure. This was all three days ago and since then I've been lightheaded and tired. I can't still be hungover. I have been going to bed at all sorts of odd times and eating two meals a day for several days now. I've also been stressed about this, and stressed about exams. I should be getting my period next week or so. So I really need to know, what are the chances that I'm pregnant? Is this my mind playing tricks on me? Is it impossible? Is it too early to take a test? Don't tell me what I want to hear, I need some brutal honesty, but not about what I did- I know it was wrong and I truly do regret it. However I won't be able to put it completely behind me until I know one way or another. Thanks so much in advance.

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The chances of you being pregnant are extremely low. Even if you were pregnant, you wouldn't be experiencing these physical symptoms yet. It would take several weeks for you to feel lightheaded and/or tired, and several months for you to be hungry enough to "eat for two". You are stressed out and your mind is playing tricks on you.


You can take a pregnancy test after your next period is scheduled to begin. Anything before that will be meaningless. Luckily, you're not going to have to take one because you'll get your period! (Unless of course you are stressing yourself out so much that you delay your cycle by a few days.)


Seriously, hon--Take a deep breath and try to put this out of your mind for now. It will all be ok. Hugs.

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If you did not have actual intercourse it is not likely that you are pregnant. More likely is that you are stressed with exams and burnt out and your immune system in down, and abusing your body with alcohol during periods of stress will wear you out too.


Try to relax and focus on your exams. I'm willing to bet you'll be getting your period soon.

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