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healthy ways to control libido (really embarassing)

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I was extremely hesitant to post, because it seems like this comes and goes as it pleases, plus it is embarrassing. But I guess it'd still be good to know... Ever since I turned 18, I think, on and off, there's been times when it just constantly feels like my pants are going to explode. I mean, fortunately nothing embarrassed has happened, but it's like, ok, these last couple of weeks, everytime a decent-looking girl passes by, I can't take my eyes off her backside... and it really sucks, because it kinda feels disrespectful (like I shouldn't be treating her different from anyone else, including guys). I don't really watch porn or anything, because I dislike it (I could write an entire post about why I dislike it, so I've got my reasons). I don't really talk to any women anymore, but I know that this would only make it harder to socialize...


I already have kind of a hard time socializing with just people in general, but at least it seems that with guys it would be more possible than with girls when this happened. I know there shouldn't be a difference, like I said before, but it's difficult to talk the same way to girl and you would talk to a guy, when you can barely contain the desire to start humping something. This is really embarrassing for me to post about... twice (I believe maybe last year I posted about this... well guess what, it's still here)... But is there something wrong with me, or am I just a "normal" socially awkward 20 year old guy, or what? It goes away, mostly when I feel low, which has happened periodically for long periods of time these last two years (since I started college)...

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