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how do i begin talkin to him again??


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Hi everyone,

A year ago i met Tony. And from the first time i met him i completely fell for him. It was my first real person i liked that much. I thought about him 24 - 7. He was on my mind with everything I did. About a month after i met him, i told him i had feelings for him. Nothing happened between us, we actually stopped talkin for awhile. Well i didnt talk to him much until close to 4 or 5 months later, when i started talkin to him online again.


We became close within the next 3 months afta march. But we only really talked online. We sent pictures and he said how pretty i was. We flirted constantly. He would say how he wanted someone who he could jsut sit and talk to, ( and i kno he meant me ). He kept asking me to watch a movie at his house with him. And one day we were both home from school ( he went to a different school ) and he told me to come over. Of course i couldnt because i was dead sick. But thats not the point.


Then we met up one day, and everything was so weird. I expected us to hug and be so happy, but we were both sooooo shy. He turned red and was all embarrassed and couldnt really talk. We were too shy and couldnt look eachother in the eye or ne thing.


After that we stopped talkin as much. For one because i was self conscious that he didnt like the way i looked. Like he expected something different. SOOO it gets more complicated.......I wrote him an email tellin him how much he meant to me. Tellin him that he was the only guy i EVER felt this way for. And i went on and on and on....


WELL then.... it was his birthday like after over a month or so of us not talkin. I said happy birthday and he was like so shocked. He was sooo happy i remembered. And i kno that i made him feel so awesome, that i almost wanted to ry. I knew how he felt. He felt special and he thought it was so cool that i had remembered his birthday after such a long time and that i had actually took the time to tell him happy birthday.


So its now AGAIN been like 2 or so months since we have talken. but my friends have been seeing him all over lately. And they say he looks HOT. And before they thought he was ugly. So can u imagine how hot he will be to me? lol.....But since they have seen him ive been thinkin about him more. And i really really want to talk to him again. I wish we could be friends again like we were before. I miss him sooo badly.


My problem is that I dont kno how to talk to him again. I dont know if he still wants to talk or be my friend. Im afraid to talk to him, because of the email I wrote about how much I like him. he might think im some kind of obsessive loser. Which i doubt is the case because he knows me better than that. I also feel that i cant talk to him without me being drunk. How d I talk to him, and what do i say the first time i start talkin. I want to see him also, so how do i ask him to hang out sometime??? please help me, its tearing me up right now. This was a long post and im so grateful to ne one who has read it and will spend the time to reply.

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a simple hey or hi! maybe next time ur able to contact him. thats how my ex starts a convo with me when we havent talked for a while. just follow thru on that and ask him how hes been doing. dont act shy because that will get u no where (and him as well). take the initiative and start talking, otherwise its just gonna carry on the way it has been for the past year.


the months u aint talked is great- all that catching up will have u talkin for hours. and u must be consistent. make him feel comfertable, and be the kind of person that will please him, but also be urself as well. if u can do this, then next time maybe he'll come up to u and start talking. if he doesnt, then go up to him and talk. u cant be shy and expect something to happen. both of u. someones gotta take action.


most guys find it appealing when a girl goes up to them. that makes them happy, am i right guys? well it makes me happy anyway. so uv told him how u feel.

he seems to be shying away everytime u do this. its obviously making him uncomfertable.

does he like u? he was flirting. he was meeting up with u. try and find out thru his friends. if he does, then go for it. someones gotta take action! u want something go for it!


there is a possibiltiy that he may not want to be with u in a relationship so take that on board. be prepared for the worst, but expect the best when that time comes. if nothing still happens, then move on. there will plenty others that will catch ur eye.


good luck!

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