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what the hell is she thinking?

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Alright here's the deal, its a classic scenario, there's this girl i really like and i don't know if she likes me... but she seems like she's sort of flirting with me a lot, but i dont know if she is or thats just her personality. I just started talking to her and she seems to like talking with me, but i dont know if shes just being nice because she feels sorry for me... example: We are gonna do some sometime next week, and when i said i wasnt just trying to get her drunk she said "oh really, lol" and winked at me. i am tearing myself apart over this and as stupid as it may seem, i really care about this girl and dont wanna mess this up i would like to know where shes going with all this...

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i know whatcha mean bro, i was wit this girl who constantly wanted to dance with me and she was all flirty. Then i talked to my friend who happens to know this girl pretty good, and it turns out shes just that kinda girl that flirts with everyone. Maybe shes slutty, maybe she just constantly needs attention?

I would say go along with it, but as soon as you see her acting like that towards another guy/guys, then just kinda forget the bf gf relationship.

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