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How Do I Deal With the Fear of Memories

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Since I was dumped on October 16th, I have been haunted by all of the memories that have surfaced. Many of these memories are strong enough to induce panic attacks. Things have gotten even harder since I've come back to live at my parents' house (accross the country from him). Most of our relationship has occurred in this area of the country.


Although the memories from inside my parents house are daunting, I've tried to keep my emotions in check since I have to live here - but every time I see something that sparks a memory, the feelings of panic return.


I am so afraid of the memories that are out and about - that I've actually been too scared to leave the house. I'm afraid of the panic that will be brought on by going to/seeing places that have been special in our relationship. I understand fully how someone could easily slip into agoraphobia - and I try so hard not to let that happen to me - but I am just so afraid of the memories that are out there and the panic attacks that they bring on.


I am an incredibly sentimental person - to the point that I remember the slightest detail from something we did together nearly a decade ago... and it's those memories that have me living in fear of leaving the house.


How do I deal with this? I did take the first step - despite my fears - and started seeing a therapist, which I've seen once so far. I've also made a doctor's appointment for Wednesday - and hopefully he can do something - but is there any way to not be afraid of the memories?

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Welcome to ENA


I was like that too at one point in time. I actively spent my time avoiding places that reminded me of my EX, but as time went on I just placed it as something in a past point of my life. I also went to other places that did not remind me of her and built new positive memories with those places and once that happens the old places become less painful and become more acceptable in your mind.

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i have the same i got a letter from my ex and i read it like once every day i can just break down in tears because i miss her its like wen i see the letter my heart stops beating i feel dead its like she got my soul and i will never get it back some times im afraid to open my eyes in the morning and closing them at night ive got so scared i was laying in my bed looking att the sealing for 1 hour until i burst in tears so im afraid to even breath because that reminds me of her thats my fear! . for you i got but one thing that could elp take your best friend hug him or her walk to those special places every time your scared hug your friend it almost worked for me exept i couldent get my friend to go like 150 american miles with me

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