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I want to be on his mind all day long.


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I've been crushing on the same guy for 3 months, but have recently met someone else, who is needless to say a lot more open, a lot more upfront, and a lot more confident.


I KNOW guy #1 likes me. And I can't get with guy #2 no matter how much I like him, knowing that guy #1 was just too shy to make a move.


Give me ideas on how I can hint that I want him. Bad. Just to see if he'll step up his game before he loses his chance.


I hear lip licking with eye contact is good. I try to be playful. When we argue, or pretend argue, I feel like I really have his attention and he can't help but smile when he sees me afterwards. Also, whenever I'm distracted and not intently focused on what he's saying.. I feel like he tries that much harder to get my attention.


Should I mention guy #2 subtly and see if he gets competitive? Or will he possibly just forfeit? I


I need to know if there's a shot before I move on...

I'm not ready to give up on him yet.


ANY advice would be helpful. Thanks.

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Why don't you just ask him out?


If he's a shy guy I wouldn't mention guy #2. Actually, even if he was aggressive I still don't think you should mention guy #2.


I'm pretty aggressive when I'm into a woman and if I think she knows that I'm into her and she starts dropping comments to manipulate me, I get turned off pretty quick. I think a lot of guys are like me in this respect. I don't mind competition, but when a woman plays with my competitive spirit I'll just find someone more worthy of my attention.

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Why on earth would you prefer guy #1 without confidence or candor to guy #2 who is being upfront and acting like a man in pursuing you? Women amaze me sometimes...

Haha, unfortunately I have no answer to that. But I have liked him for a very long time, for reasons other then the fact that he doesn't show that he's interested.


I agree about asking him out..

You didn't end up sending him the note anymore?

I did more than just that. I asked him face to face. He turned me down for that evening after a long hesitant pause, so I felt like an idiot, but the next day [his birthday] he called me to see if I wanted to reschedule for that afternoon. We've gotten closer since. But friends closer. We talk everyday, we have inside jokes... but I still can't help but feel an insane attraction towards him. Maybe he's just meant to be a fantasy though. I mean.. guy#2 is putting far more effort then he ever has.


Ohh, why do my hopes have to be so high?

Oh yes, I remember.. because I'm such a dreamer. : (

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