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Jealous of x-bf new relationship


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Many might have read my last post on my ex. My ex and I broke up and he immediately moved in with another woman. His reason for us breaking up were because I stopped helping him out financially. He lived by himself and on numerous numerous occasion needed money. This got old and I saw that he wasnt trying to make it better so I stopped. He also demanded alot of sex that I felt he was undeserving. We never went out alot and we kind of chilled in his house quite a bit. So I am not the type to lie around and just have sex without the real dating. Anyway, it has been 3 months now and I am extremelty jealous of his new relationship. I dont talk to him. He called alot when he moved in with her wanting to see me and so on and this didnt allow me to heal so I cut him off completely. Thing is, I cant stop thinking of him. I realize how much I love him even though the relationship wasnt really great. I am sooooo envious of the new girl. He used to block his number out when calling and this last itme he called he didnt. I want to tell him that I love him. Should I email or just continue to let this go. He has moved on, but I do want to know his feelings. How can I not be jealous of his happiness. I dont even know if he is, but he told me that this girl does what he needs her to do (cook, sex, and everything else he ask). Now I wish I would have done it. I cry all of the time and just cant seem to move on. Guys does this man calling me mean anything?

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Hi Kimg,


You didn't say, but I expect that you left him back then. Is this true? If so, I'm afraid that you make your bed you lie in it.


In fact, even if you split up mutually, you have got yourself into the situation, and because someone else found your ex desireable, you are jealous. I'm afraid that this is tough and there is not a lot you can do about it.


You should let him go, and live with the decision you made. Perhaps in the future, you will try a bit harder to solve problems in your relationships. They are not easy, and to give up without a fight is not the way forward.


Hope this helps you some,

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No we didnt live together. He wanted me to move in with him to help pay the bills or to split the bills. So I didnt and so he decided to move in with another woman who was willing. He told me that I wasnt compromising and that this girl is willing to do so and also give him more sex. I really think this guy was using me. When I told him that I will help him figure out his finances he didnt want that. Now I feel jealous because this girl has the man and maybe I should have moved in with him. I think that would have been the biggest MISTAKE of my life though. I really do.

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Listen to a man and never look back at your ex. He doesn't deserve to be with you. To me it sounds like your ex was using you and you did the right thing. I totally understand that you are hurt now because I am there with ya sweety. I too knew that my ex and I were at the end but, when it came to reality it really hurt?!?!? I still don't get it but you have to stick it out. Remember there is someone out there that will love you for you and time will heal all wounds. Stay strong and dump this loser.


You did the right thing!!!!



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