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A tricky situation


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Okay, so here goes : I was in love with this girl for 3 years, and she didn't feel the same way. Then I moved away, and every time I came back, even when she was dating someone, it was made clear that she loved me too. One time when I came back for a visit, she was dating a guy who had left his girlfriend to be with her. After a year of dating, she found out he was still seeing his ex girlfriend, and left her to be back with his ex. They have been together roughly 4 years (this guy and his girlfriend, I didnt know them that well then). This was 2005. Flash forward to 2006, I move back home and a relationship immediately begins between my unrequited love and I. We date for almost 2 years, fighting the whole way up until a couple months ago when she left me. It left me broken hearted for a while before finally I realized that I had been wasting my time for almost a third of my life, and this girl never really made me all that happy in the first place, and certainly didn't satisfy me sexually except upon rare occasion. So anyway, this is where it gets really complicated : About midway through October, I started hanging out with and talking to the aforementioned ex-girlfriend (not mine, the other guy's). In the years since 2005, my ex and his current gf had become good friends and we all 4 would hang out. So now they're friends, and her and I are friends, but I don't really know their mutual bf that well. Anyway, her and I have found that we really like each other, but if either of our affiliated parties found out it would be a huge disaster. My ex would be mad at me and her, and her current bf would flip out on her and I as well. We aren't sure what to do, and whether it's worth destroying prior relationships with others to find out if we have something better between ourselves. I hope this was easier to follow than I think it was, and any advice would be much appreciated.

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You have no affiliations. Your ex is your ex and has no hold over you.


Her curent b/f may well flip but he'd be hypocritical if he was playing 2 girls off against one another.


If you two want to explore a relationship together, the only people who can stop it are the two of you.

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