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Latino lovers and all others

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Hi I am on luch break really should not be posting, but my co-worker and I were sharing a conversation on men and how the differant races compare.

She is african american married to a latino man, she is very convinced that latino men are the best lovers.

I am part italian, but never really dated an italian or latino man, but I have dated black men, whom for the most part are good lovers, but not all of them are a hang 10 if ya know what I mean.

Anyway I am just curious if any of you gals or guys have any input on this subject. We are just curious to as how it all tallies up, if there really is a difference. Share your experiences if you like or if you are any of these tell about yourselves. Waiting to hear from all you Latino LOvers, Italian Stallions and Black the color that won't let you go back, HEHEHEHE

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I am a latino guy


There is no set way that explains how good of a lover that a latino guy is.


Typically latino guys are deeper than white guys and black guys.


Latino guys have a lot of passion.


Not that no other race does but it is true.


It goes down to the roots of what it means to be latino.


To be latino means to like things that are colorful, full of life, like to dance, etc.


Like you said you will just have to keep tally on what kind of info you get.


Typically Latinos are more traditional

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OK about this lover thing. I dont know about all of that....depending on ethnicity. I am a white female, and all of my love life i have been with Latino men, some are ok, but theres this one, he is a great lover. Never been with a black man, so cant jump on that side of the fence. All I can say was that i had this one latino lover that was great!!!!!!

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