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I should have known

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I have to vent about this one because I really feel emotionally I got sent back. My ex (fiance) left me two months ago with little to no explanation. At first we had little contact. I then sent her an email saying goodbye and that I couldn't be a friend. Well, she called me soon after. She apologized, said she still loved me but was really depressed and mixed up. We then started talking or texting on a daily basis. She would say things that gave me hope we could reconcile. She was/is very mixed up though so I should've known better but I love this woman and would do anything for her so I thought I was doing the right thing. She told me a few days ago she needed some space to think and figure out what she wanted. I agreed and understood. She had been very honest about everything that was going on. Then yesterday (about 5 days later) I find out, not by her, she moved accross the country! I called her and she said she just needed to finish some things there and it was only temporary. I couldn't believe it.


I was heartbroken again, but I accept the fact that I asked for it. I knew full well things weren't the same but I wanted to believe there was a chance. Like all of you I couldn't just give up and walk away. She was another person on the phone. She said it was no big deal. She said she never said anything to let me think otherwise. Why would she say that? It hurt so bad.


I feel like I took a huge step backwards. I sent her an email saying goodbye, she put me through to much and I never deserved to be treated so badly. I told her the person she is now isn't the person I ever knew and that I hope she finds herself again. I'm so lost again and the feeling is just as bad as the first day. Thanks for listening.

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Matt its ok....and you do deserve better. And one day you will have bigger and better, but 1st you need to grow from this realationship. You shouldnt contact her anymore, it will be hard at 1st but it will make healing so much better. You can read some of my old post, at one point 2 months into NC something happened and i felt like it was the day he left all over again. Time is your bestfriend, it wont happen overnight, but come here and vent, and when you feel the urge to contacts her.. come here and post...we are all in this together, we feel you. keep your head up..it will get better

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I am sorry to hear what you are going through. I went through something very similar last year. I canceled a wedding 1 month before it. Sending out 140 undo invitations is a very hard thing to do. Hearing things are going to get better, you deserve better, spend time with family and friends, and stay busy are not probably going to help you feel better at this point.


It's the hardest thing you will probably go through in life. I still struggle from time to time wondering how someone could love me so much and basically 180 from what we had planned. When you get engaged, you think you are getting married, and bam, it hits you like a ton of bricks.


Feel free to private message me anytime you need someone to talk to. I certainly feel what you are going through. It was not too long ago for me.


I do hope you are reaching out to those around you that care about you. You have some tough decisions to make. I would be more than happy to share with you what's gotten me through this roller coaster ride over the past 1.5 years since this happened...



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She said she never said anything to let me think otherwise. Why would she say that? It hurt so bad.


She said that in order to absolve herself of blame. People know full well when they are stringing someone along and giving "come hither" signals. Of course she knew that her actions were giving you hope. She is one messed up person...to even move without telling you shows how totally screwed up she is. Go no contact and if she tries to contact you again, ignore her unless there is a sincere apology attached and a sincere attempt at making amends. What she did is really really disgusting behaviour. Just remember that she is one messed up person. Is it possible she moved to be with someone else? If so, I am willing to bet that won't work out very well.

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