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life has brought so many tears my way

the one i trusted made me smile yet left so many scars

the things i used to admire about life threw me a curve ball

the things i could claim were mine were never mine to begin with ...the smile on my face which was set by you was fake yet i still have the crazy idea t osmile again and find my soul to show the world how i can keep going.

i see you in the halls

yet i am fighting for a cause and your still the same guy you used to be. nothing changes, nothing remains the same yet tears do come to my eyes only because i finally got up and left

this is my heart, this is my soul...i will find peace again only because life has brought me so much to think about. you think u have won , but you have just made me stronger ...the craze i feel , the heartbeat that beats faster ...the motivattion to get up and do well with my life

is only because u brought me to my lowest and now is the time to get up for me...the craze to be so scuessful

thas the only thing that i have control over....thas theonly thing that makes me happy

i will keep going...i havent lost anything....i have gained nothing but experience and the love for myself....and the ability to never stop believing in myself

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