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The more i think about my x i totally keep getting depressed ;


i am over her in a way , but i also know that if i go to have any interaction with her then i dont know whats going to happen to me like emotinally


i havent spoken or written or called , chatted with her;



but i saw someone the other day who reminded me of her so much that i couldnt help but think of her and now i am totally ..low


sould i call her or what do i do ....i feel lonely cause i am shy but i also want to hangout and make a friend or gf with a girl just anyone else in the sense i dont want to let me x occupy my thoughts


i know she dosent love me anymore cause if she did then she would have atleast made some effort to contact me right , but then i feel that she might be feeling the same

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Hey sweetie,

First off im gonna say that i tryed to send you a PM and there was an error and i lost the WHOLE thing and it was very long!! Grr.. (and now for some reason i cant send PM's)


Anyways,i know exactly how you feel.To be lonely is the worst feeling EVER.But i dont think you should contact your ex for this reason,thats the mistake a lot of people make (me included) when your feeling low and lonely,coz you just wanna feel some of that comfort and warmth again.Trust me though on this one,you will feel like a trillion times worse if you see her,especially if you end up having a good time with her.I know you feel bad now and its a crap feeling,but theres no way you wanna be feeling even worse by feeling for your ex again.


Can i ask why you two broke up? ifyou split up on good terms it could be ok if you contacted her as friends,but i get the feeling that other emotions would be involved with you..which is why i say dont.You are doing great,you've gone along time without her and stayed strong,dont let the loneliness blind you..coz it can,but only if you let it.


Seriously i could go on and on and talk for hours about this,and if your anything like me then you appreciate the advice and all,and it does make you feel better temporarily,but at the end of the day it doesnt solve your problems.


Just stay strong hun,and take this time in your life to carry on doing what you love,improving yourself and generally loving yourself.-At the moment you have nobody to answer to(though that would probably feel like a blessing at the moment).


Dont allow yourself to be bored is what i will say.Coz when that happens is when your vunerable to thinking about your ex and feeling the most lonely.-and probably when you'll want to call her too.


Keep busy babe and keep going.Be strong and there will be a brighter day for you.We all have ups and downs, and remember...'you cant fall off the floor'(that quote was both inspirational and amusing for me)


Good luck Sweetie

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Hey man, tough break.


You already know what you should do, get out and find someone else, dont matter to much at the minute that you find someone you really like, just someone to break the cycle.


It's tough not to contact an ex that you still like, but you gotta be strong, contacting her will do you no favours.


You say your shy, well you cant be THAT shy otherwise you wouldnt have even an ex girlfriend right?


Just hang with your buddies, talk to girls and relax, getting over someone is hard, but going out with other girls will help the memories and feelings of your ex fade a lot quicker and allow you to move on to what will hopefully be a more successful relationship in the future.


I've been in the same boat and im a bit shy too, but I moved on and life is good now with a new girl, its out there mate just keep looking.


Good luck.

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Hey Bs i was worried why u never pm ed back !!




u can imagine how low i must be ; i am trying to hang on to everything and everyone ..


first of all we did split on good terms it was like taken by me as something i couldnt handle her being long distance and she wantiong to date other guys


but she has always been nice to me and even said that i am special to her and that she was sorry she hurt me isnt she a sweetheart

so i do unDerstand her and everything but


my heart just cant deal with her at the moment , so i wanted to just give it time for me to meet someone else or get over her completely before i entered her world as a friend


wayner thanks buddy for ur encouragement and yes i am SHY enought that i know that i wont meet another girl for a while becasue i am just SHY


but i am trying my level best to get over it and have become less shy over time and stuff but i guess i just got to keep trying





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